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I was at my chiropractor weekly and sometimes bi-weekly, due to severe pain in my back and knees.

I first purchased some Celadrin – when I was at the local pharmacy, looking for a high dose coated ASA product. A pharmacist, concerned at the dosage of Aspirin I was using, asked me if I had ever tried Celadrin. I said “No” and that I had never heard of it. She said that many patients had told her how great it worked and that they were able to stop using painkillers, due to the effectiveness of the Celadrin.

I was VERY skeptical due to my medical background, but was so desperate due to the amount of pain and disability I had (I required either a soft knee brace or my full metal knee brace to walk around)

I went home and took 1 Celadrin pill – about 25 minutes later, I thought – “Heh – this knee feels a lot better.” So I took another Celadrin, and again shortly after I had relief.

I have taken Celadrin ever since and the change in my pain and mobility, has been life changing. I don’t have to wear my knee brace anymore – my quality of life is much improved and even my physician has noticed my improvement.

My Chiropractor noted how easy my back was to adjust and also that I don’t need to come in for adjustments very often anymore.

I shared my story with friends, some of whom are elderly 70 years+ and they too have had remarkable reduction in pain with an increase in mobility. Their sleep has improved and they are much happier as they can once again enjoy being active.

I have never written a testimonial before – but I felt compelled to write and tell people how amazing this product is. I thank the makers of Celadrin for making this product available and for improving my life so dramatically.

Stephanie T.

Recently I discovered Celadrin capsules and cream and glucosamine and cannot believe the relief I have received, most likely I will be able to decrease my pain medication. I am so grateful for this wonderful product.

Celine T. - Springfield, VA
The cream has been a Godsend, it really has.
Martin and Lee, S. - San Diego, CA, USA
I’ve had lower back problems for 45 years; since I found the cream I’ve been pain free. It’s a miracle. At my age I didn’t think this was possible.
Mary, S. - San Diego, CA, USA

I’m a hopeless pessimist, so when I saw a story on my local news station addressing the benefits of Celadrin, I took it with a grain of salt. After a while, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to try the product… Two weeks after beginning Celadrin Extra Strength tablets, I was able to go from 150 mg./day of Indocin to 0 mg/day. I have been taking Indomethacin for the past 10 years. That’s right! No more abdominal discomfort, no more drowsiness, and no more worrying about any further untold effects of the Indocin on my stomach. And yes – no more pain! Listen friends, if you’re a skeptic like me, don’t even stop to think about using this product — just buy a shipload of it and feel great — naturally!

David B. - Reseda, CA

My son Taylor is 9 years old and a month ago he had an accident on his Quad Bike. Taylor broke his back. There was no spinal cord damage; however, his L2, L3 and L6 discs had hairline fractures with a clean break on the L7 disc. Taylor had to lie flat on his back in the Hospital for a whole month. I gave him both the Celadrin capsules and the cream. Not once did Taylor require painkillers. The Nurses rubbed the cream on him daily. Thanks to Celadrin, his recovery rate has been remarkable.

The news spread like wild fire. Both the Nurses and the Sisters at the Hospital were so impressed by the product that they went out and purchased it for their own personal use immediately. They stated that by time they get home after a long shift, with aching backs and sore feet, they apply the cream and simply can’t believe the quick relief. They are eager to tell their patients.

I love Celadrin. I can only thank the minds behind Celadrin for such an amazing product.

Celadrin is truly a miracle product.

Lee M.

Now my hands are fine…..I have two braces at home, and they sit on the counter.

Pamela, L. - San Diego, CA, USA

I am a high school volleyball and club coach. After hours and hours of hitting the balls during practice, I have never seen a product like Celadrin that is able to sooth the pain in a matter of hours. I am able to recover my shoulder for another day of training. In fact, I have seen the product work in minutes to some of our athletes who are able to continue their training once the pain subsides. I recommend this product to anyone.

James, T. - Arlington, TX, USA

After 11 years playing with the National Basketball Association, Dennis Scott was all too familiar with pain. The former first round draft pick, most familiar to fans of the Orlando Magic, suffered from debilitating knee, calf, shoulder and lower back pain. He went from being a star athlete and local TV host to a virtual couch potato.

“When I stopped playing in 2001/2002, I couldn’t even play basketball with my son and daughter in the backyard. Nothing worked for the pain,” he recalls. “At 34, all I wanted to do is find myself a comfortable spot on the couch to watch TV.” Scott credits his business partner, Skip Hammock, with introducing him to Celadrin®. “It changed my life,” he says. “Unlike the anti-inflammatories I had access to when I was playing, the Celadrin® didn’t eat my stomach up. Best of all, it worked!”

With his pain under control, Scott was able to resume an active lifestyle. “I’m now able to go to my son’s school and play four or five pick-up games with 18-, 19-, and 20-year-olds. They look at me like I’m getting ready for a comeback,” he jokes.

Scott takes Celadrin® in the mornings at the start of his day. “If I don’t take it, I feel my knees and shoulder stiffening,” he says. Being pain-free and more active also has enabled him to lose weight and re-gain the confidence to return to television. He proudly states that he was recently a finalist on ESPN’s Dream Job.

”If it wasn’t for Celadrin®,” he says, “I would probably still be a grumpy dad, grumpy husband and grumpy friend. I was in so much pain I didn’t want to do anything. Celadrin® has allowed me to be active once again.”

Dennis Scott