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My name is Sir Gilmour. I am a 4-year old Bichon Frise puppy. I have had trouble with my back legs for as long as I can remember. Last year I had surgery on the one back leg, the Doctor said I would need surgery on the other one as well. Ouch!

Well a friend of my moms told her about your product Celadrin and she started giving me one soft gel daily. Hey, they don’t taste bad at all. I found myself eating them right out of her hand. Anyways, I went to the Vets today for a follow-up and am happy to report that my legs are working fine. The cats and squirrels in the neighbourhood had better look out because I can really run fast now. I am so happy not being in pain any more. Thank you Celadrin! I am a very happy and satisfied little dog; my mom is also very happy that she doesn’t have those large vet bills to worry about!

Sir Gilmour - Hamilton, ON

I was moving some things around in my garage and a light tan colored scorpion stung me. It got me on the end of the right ring finger. What a sting that little creature possesses! It caused the fingers to swell on my right hand and on up to the wrist, and later on, up my arm to the elbow. The ice pack did not help. I was wondering what I could do to get enough relief to even sleep!

My friend had sent me a sample of Celadrin to try… and it had given me a great deal of relief.

As I understood, the Celadrin works on the cells and I just thought I had nothing to lose to try some of it on my finger that was hurting so badly. I put it on the finger and rubbed it in generously and got immediate relief. I was so pleased with it that I went on up the finger and put it on all the other fingers and my hand. It felt so great that I used it clear up the arm to my elbow, and that was the first time the intense pain had gone away. I had taken my rings off because of the swelling, and even the swelling started to subside.

I waited about an hour and put on more Celadrin in the same places and in another hour I was able to go to bed and get a good night sleep. I can assure you that I will keep some of this product on hand for any future incident. After the two applications I did not have any further pain, and the swelling was gone completely by the next morning.

I immediately called my friend to tell him of my experience. I told the rest of my family in other States about this wonderful product, and the results I experienced first hand.

This was just an amazing result with an outstanding product.

Charles, B. - Tucson, AZ, USA

I had chronic pain every day. I take Celadrin and benefit from it.

Amy S.

I competed in the Triple Jump for Great Britain in the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games. I continued to maintain my fitness over the years after retiring from elite competition, as I was also an Olympic Track and Field coach for many years. However, my knees were always sore after a bounding/jumping training session, as was the case during my International athletics career.

However, in 1998 I registered in the 55-59 age category for the Triple Jump in the World Masters Games….the Olympic Games for the over thirties with athletes representing over 100 Countries. Even though I had tried all the various joint healing products containing Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM; my knees seemed to get worse. I knew that if I were to win I would have to do it in the first jump, as my knees would be too painful after that. Well, I did it and won the Gold medal with just one jump.

Then in 1999 I discovered Celadrin and found that the Celadrin pills and topical cream took care of my joint pain within just a few weeks. In fact, the cream actually gave me relief after just ten minutes. I commenced training well again and in 2002 I decided to compete on my 60th birthday in the hope that I would attempt to break the world record for the 60-64-age category.

I occasionally got a pain in my right shoulder, but did not treat it seriously, as in triple jumping the legs are most important. On my second jump I gave it all I had, but on the take-off I had a sharp pain in my right shoulder which in turn caused me to lose my balance and crash into the sand pit, ripping my right knee tendons and my right groin muscles. The doctor also found that I had a torn right shoulder rotator cuff, and suggested that I have an operation to mend it.

I decided to avoid the operation and rely on the Celadrin pills and cream. Two months after my injuries occurred I was back to normal….sprinting, lifting weights and bounding in my training.

Derek, B. - San Diego, CA, USA

For the last three weeks I have been taking Celadrin and applying the cream to my scalp. Already I have begun to notice new hair growth in areas that have been completely bald for three years. I am not aware of any studies underway for this particular autoimmune condition, but there should be!

Noelle W. - Florence, OR

I’m almost 14 years old, a dog, and I’ve suffered from joint problems. Nine years ago my vet told me that I would need to have surgery for both my hips. I began taking Celadrin capsules and to this day I still can jump in the car and jump up and off the bed. I could not even walk without my hips slipping out of place. Most people who see me get around have no idea that I’m almost 14. Thanks to Celadrin I’m able to continue a healthy life and exercise routine with my mom.

Breezer, N. - Dallas, TX, USA

My 90-year-old mother sent an article about Celadrin. I immediately ordered it over the internet. From one hour of taking a soft gel tablet my pains disappeared (also my ability to predict the weather!) Now I can wash the dishes without pain! Within two weeks most of my back spasms and leg stiffness also disappeared so I can cope with the wood stove, bringing in wood, etc. It’s a miracle for me! And the affect is cumulative. I can walk better every day, my back pain has also disappeared and the scar on my knee also seems to be fading fast.

My husband has severe arthritis, making it impossible for him to do chores around the house. Celadrin has reduced his need to take Tylenol and his legs are good enough for him now to go shopping.

Elizabeth S. - Ontario Canada

By using Celadrin, I got relief from pain and inflammation.

Ruth H. - Greenwood Village, CO

A gentleman came into my store and inquired about Celadrin. I sold him both capsule and cream, however while I was explaining it to him, I put some cream on his hand. He purchased his products and left the store. In 5 minutes he came back into the store and said to me “My hand is totally pain free”. I couldn’t believe it! It was that fast! I got so pumped that everyone that came in the store was asked if they had any pain. This stuff is great! I look forward to getting results for many of my customers. Thank you again for providing an outstanding product!

Shirley Y. - Burington, ON, Canada

Due to injuries in the past to both kneecaps, I have had much pain. Celadrin helps to relieve that pain.

Louise, E. - San Diego, CA, USA

I was awakened in the middle of the night with severe pain and cramping in both of my arms resulting from a chronic back problem that I have. Desperately, though not optimistically, I applied the Celadrin cream and received complete relief to my astonishment within minutes. Anyone who deals with chronic pain will appreciate this product on any level that it can help.

Christian, B. - San Diego, CA, USA

It keeps me young and moving. I got three years older but I don’t think my knees did.

Bob, Mc. - San Diego, CA, USA

My 8 yr old Beagle has difficulty getting up and down stairs. The vet had her on steroids and Rimadyl. Both had bad side effects and showed little improvement. I decided to try a natural supplement before putting her through back surgery. She’s been on Celadrin (one a day) for 2 weeks. It is a miracle! It keeps her inflammation away. She is doing better than on the steroid and gets up and down with no problems now. There are mild signs that the slipped disc is still there but it’s better than putting her through surgery. Added plus, it’s great for her dry skin. She never scratches any more. Thank you Celadrin!

Suzanne S. - New York