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I would like to share my excitement for the new Celadrin products that relieve arthritis and muscle pain like no other product I have ever seen. Celadrin can be used with other medications and there are no known side effects. This product provides more relief and increased joint mobility without the harmful side effects that accompany “over-the-counter” and prescription anti-inflammatory/pain medications. And, if that does not get your attention, this product appears to actually help the healing process where anti-inflammatory medicines at best merely mask symptoms and actually interfere with the healing process.

As a practicing chiropractor, I try to keep up with the best available remedies fro my patients and I can say with all sincerity that, in over 20 years of practice and trying hundreds of remedies, I have never seen a product that gets the results like Celadrin. I have prescribed it to over 100 patients, with Celadrin’s money back guarantee, and not one patient has asked for a refund; however, many have come back for more.

Most people report immediate results from the cream, while others notice significant relief after a few hours. In cases where the cream does not completely relieve symptoms in a week or two, I recommend the gel capsules, which are slower acting but have a greater overall systemic effect.

Most people suffer from arthritic pain and muscle pain than any other malady and Celadrin has given my patients more relief than any other product I have ever recommended. The potential market for this product is phenomenal, the benefits of Celadrin substantially surpass that of all other products I have seen and your customers will not only come back for more but they will thank you for changing their lives.

Dr. Fred, D. - San Diego, CA, USA
I heard about Celadrin from a friend and started taking it to relieve pain in my knees that I had been experiencing because of many years of high impact aerobics. Sometimes the pain was so bad I had difficulty going up stairs and had to hold onto the handrail for support. After using the capsules for a month the pain has gone and has not returned. My husband used the cream on his back when he has experienced pain and he got immediate relief. This is truly a miracle product.
Allison S. - Markham, ON, Canada
I had knee problems. Going into my last year, I made a commitment to keep taking the pills and using the cream. I have always been Mr. Skeptical but now I’m a believer. The chronic pain I used to have has gone. I have no pain now. The products I used in the past, I had no results like this one, ever. This is the only product I have ever taken that I truly believe in. It has been like a miracle. I will continue to take the product.
Tony, G. - San Diego, CA, USA
I had to quit playing basketball and tennis because of an acute pain in my elbow. I could not even touch the elbow on a seat without feeling acute pain. Since using the cream the pain has been completely eliminated. It is quite outstanding. I can’t tell enough people about this amazing product.
Ken, C. - New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia
I’ve had osteoarthritis for several years in my spine, left hip and knee. About 1½-2 years ago, I was made aware of Celadrin capsules and cream. Both have helped me very much! The cream has really been wonderful in relieving the pain and stiffness so I can function like a human being again.
Nancy W. - San Diego, CA, USA
I have been pitching softball for over 70 years. I had bone on bone in both knees. The doctors told me that I would need replacements or forget about softball. Since I commenced using the product, I’m well again and can enjoy going up the stairs and playing softball. The product is a “godsend”.
Danny, M. - San Diego, CA, USA
I love life, playing tennis and a pain free life. My wife has arthritis in her hands and she had tried everything, but the results were disappointing. We then tried Celadrin. I was impressed with the studies from the world famous University UCON. The results were nothing short of AMAZING.
Dick V. - San Diego, CA, USA
I hurt my back when I was a young man. I learned to live with the pain or have surgery so I lived with the pain. The pain moved into my hips. Sometimes it was so bad I could only walk 20 to 30 yards before I would need to sit down. The Beechers gave me a sample of Celadrin and within a half hour I could walk three to four times as far without pain. Last week I played 18 holes of golf. Thanks to Celadrin and thank you, Dennis and Kay.
Dave, R. - San Diego, CA, USA
It got to the point where I could not throw the ball. All the sports doctors said that I would need a shoulder operation, as it would not get better without one. Since using the product, it is better than ever. It is 150% better! I owe the rest of my life to who ever came up with this product. It is a miracle product!
Edward, H. - San Diego, CA, USA
When I hurt my shoulder, two doctors said I have an arthritic condition and also as a result of tearing it again on golfing, that I would need surgery. Then I was introduced to the product. Before using the cream I could not lift my hand above my shoulder, but now I can do my weight training and martial arts. There is nothing to take the place of this product.
Gregory, C. - San Diego, CA, USA
Four years ago I was just short of retirement…..I’m awesome now……Being able to do the things I couldn’t do before is just great!
Mark, W. - San Diego, CA, USA
It began with straining my back by hand vacuuming the stairs in our house. It was a lot of side-to-side action and the next morning I had severe pain on both sides. I’ve had lots of problems with my back but this was really bad. It took my breath away!

I tried heat, cold, a combination of muscle relaxants and painkillers, and could not get any relief. All I could do was just lay flat on the floor of the living room. I couldn’t even sleep in my bed at night because the pain was so intense.

My husband bought a jar of Celadrin and applied it to my back. I noticed an immediate relief from the pain. My husband reapplied the Celadrin cream for the next few days. I continued to feel better and finally after about 3 days I could again sleep in my own bed and I stopped taking pain medication. Thank you Celadrin!!!!

Ann, M. - San Diego, CA, USA
Approximately 15 years ago while on vacation in the Caribbean, I experienced a severe case of food poisoning that attacked my joints and nerve endings. Ever since that incident, I have suffered with severe joint pain, which led me to do my own research into potential remedies (including toxic cleansing). Recently, I was asked to test an innovative product called Celadrin and within 5 minutes of its application, I was pain free. I now practice a nightly routine of applying Celadrin before bedtime and enjoy the next day without any trace of discomfort or pain.
Kay, B. - San Diego, CA, USA