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As a Naturopathic physician, I have come across many patients whom have been in severe pain their whole lives and have relied upon pharmaceutical agents to combat the chronic pain…

Clinically, I have utilized the acupuncture followed by an application of the Celadrin cream for patients who have exhibited chronic pain and decreased range of motion. The patients were assessed for various levels of pain and range of motion. The outcome included that the patients who received both the acupuncture treatment followed by the utilization of the Celadrin cream showed significant improvement with both the range of motion and a reduction in pain.

These clinical findings are very encouraging and will no doubt lead to more research in utilizing the Celadrin cream in conjunction with many other physical therapies including ultrasound, acupuncture, acupressure, massage and chiropractic manipulation.

Dr. N. Sciortino

I am a former National team player and a coach for over 35 years. After having had three back surgeries, you would not have believed that I would be able to return to a daily exercise routine.

I had taken 8-10 prescribed painkillers every day for over 7 years prior to learning about Celadrin. I first began taking the capsules and within 90 days I was able to decrease the painkillers to just a few per month.

Prior to Celadrin I had tried every type of product (pills and cream) that was on the market. I had given up hope and I to this day find it hard to believe that I can now do the things I did before.

I later was introduced to the cream and it has allowed me to concentrate on a specific part of my body when I have overused. I am over 50 years old and most people consider me at least 10 years younger than I am.

Thanks to Celadrin I am able to have a pain free life.

Ruth, N. - Dallas, TX, USA
I’ve been using Celadrin cream for 5 years. My right knee is very bad and it was recommended for replacement 12 years ago. Fortunately, I found Celadrin cream and use it as regular as I can. The knee pain disappears and I am able to function normally when I use the Celadrin. Recently I began using the capsules and now all my joints feel better. It works. Thanks a million!
Larry, S. - Escondido, CA, USA

My first time using the Celadrin cream – I do occasionally experience severe migraines, usually nothing works. When I applied the cream to my forehead temples and even my scalp within 10 minutes my suffering was ended compared to a whole wasted day. I also use it on a regular basis at nighttime. I apply and massage it to my feet for the best nights sleep ever. I am truly amazed with this cream and I talk about it to everyone I meet. Thank you.

Hilda, S. - Surrey, BC, Canada

I found this a very effective topical treatment. It kicked in within minutes. When used between oral analgesics the pain relief was extended. I found the preparation did not irritate the skin as other products have. It was most effective on the ankles and knees when applied like a “band” right across the joint. I have no hesitation in recommending Celadrin®!

Andrew O. - East Sussex, UK

I first found out about Celadrin about three years ago. I am a former athlete who physically challenged her body by running, jumping, twisting, and throwing in several sports (basketball, volleyball, track & field, and golf) and for over 35 years at an extremely high level. The years, the sports, and my efforts took a major toll on my joints and my back.

A good friend of mine told me about the Celadrin compound and what it could do. I was willing to try just about anything because I did not want to keep taking painkillers. I began taking the capsules as well as use the cream. Within the first week of my using Celadrin, I noticed a major change in my body…..not only in pain reduction, but also in my ability to perform some of the activities that I had enjoyed for several years.

I would recommend both the Celadrin capsules and the cream to anyone wanting to reduce pain and maximize ability to perform daily tasks and sports that are physically demanding. Whatever it does do, it works!

Annette, L. - Wilmington, NC, USA

I’ve been using the Celadrin cream and taking the capsules for a little over 2 years. 2 ½ years ago I had a bone operation on my right foot. It had a build-up of calcium and spurs between the joint of my large toe and the ball of my foot. On one of my rehab workouts, I met Derek Boosey on the Track at UC San Marles. Derek could see I was having trouble putting any weight on my right foot without severe pain. The following workout Derek brought me some Celadrin cream and told me to put it on and I would see a great improvement in reduced pain. I can truly say that I felt a degree of relief from that first day I applied it, I started using the capsules between the cream and I continually improved both on and off the track.

Last August 2003, I completed at the USATF Championships held at Eugene, Oregon. I had a surprisingly good meet. Won the 2000 meter steeplechase (National Record), won the 800 meter run (missed the World Record by 4 seconds) won the 1500 meter run, got second in the 400 meter run, and anchored 3 gold medal relays, 4X100, 4X400, 4X800.

This past March I competed in the USATF Championships in Boston, Mass. I won the mile run and the 800 run (broke the National record by 4 seconds). I personally feel that meeting Derek and his introducing me to the Celadrin cream and capsules, was truly a Godsend, and answer to my prayers.

In two days I am flying to Decatur, I1. for the USATF championships. You can be sure I will have my cream and capsules with me.

Jim, S. - Fallbrook, CA, USA
I’m able to go through days and nights with less pain. I can do longer and harder workouts, and run faster in workouts and competitions. I truly feel that this product has made a huge difference in my life!
Debbie, S. - Fallbrook, CA, USA

I had the pleasure to become the Olympic Gold Medalist for the Women’s 10 km race walk in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. It was my honor to be the first Chinese person to ever win an Olympic Track & Field gold medal.

I retired, primarily because of acute pain in my knees and lower back, this was not surprising as I had walked more than 2 times around the earth in the previous six years of training.

I came to the USA to study English and in 1998 I decided to train once more for the Olympics. In 1999, as my training became more intense, my knee pain was intolerable, especially as the event I won in Barcelona, the 10 km walk, was doubled in distance to 20 km for the 2000, Sydney Olympics.

I decided to break open the Celadrin soft gels and rub the oil over my knees. To my surprise, the pain disappeared within minutes. At that time there was no cream. However, my experience and also that of many others prompted the Company to also make a cream.

In 2000, I became a USA citizen and thanks to Celadrin, I represented the USA in the Sydney Olympics.

Yueling, C. - San Diego, CA, USA

I have very bad knees and will be having a knee replacement. I have severe pain. I couldn’t get up from a chair without assistance, I couldn’t walk, and I had to literally pull myself up stairs. The pain kept me from sleeping. I saw your ad in the GNC magazine and decided to try your product. What a relief! I now have my life back. Thank you!